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Fabulous PolyGel Kit™

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  • Perfect nails for 3+ weeks
  • Easy to use (even if you're really clumsy)
  • Do It Yourself at home
  • 100% Cruelty Free

Kit: Standard White Kit

  • Standard White Kit
  • Complete Kit
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Perfect Nails For 3+ Weeks


Fabulous PolyGel™ is a new quick build gel designed to create strong, long lasting nails with a natural feel.

It's an all-in-one formula to get salon quality nails right at home.

No monomer, no mixing, and no ratios!

The odorless gel allows you to get your nails perfectly done in a breeze.

No matter if you are a professional or just a beginner, Fabulous PolyGel™ is perfect for everyone out there.



  • Natural: 4x times lighter and more natural feel than your usual nail extensions

  • Strong: Stronger than hard gels. Stop breaking your nail every 2 days and keep your nails perfect for 3+ week

  • Fast: Dried and ready in less than 60 seconds under your UV-LED lamp (included in every kit)

  • Easy: As easy as putting a lotion. Fast application, unlimited playtime, zero chasing

  • Safe: 100% cruelty free and vegan friendly ingredients. Odorless and non-toxic


How To Use?

  1. Prep your natural nails
  2. Prepare Fabulous PolyGel™ and put on nail mold/nail kit
  3. Form the gel on nail mold
  4. Press on the nail molder and cure it (60 seconds under UV-LED Lamp)
  5. Remove the mold
  6. Trim and shape the polygel nail
  7. Apply top coat and cure it


Your Package Includes

Standard White Kit:

1x Fabulous PolyGel White™ 30ml
1x Fabulous UV/LED Lamp
1x Base Coat 10ml
1x Top Coat 10ml
1x Slip Solution 45ml
100x Dual Form Moulds
1x Application Brush

Complete Kit:

1x Fabulous PolyGel White™ 30ml
1x Fabulous PolyGel Clear™ 30ml
1x Fabulous PolyGel Pink™ 30ml

1x Fabulous UV/LED Lamp
1x Base Coat 10ml
1x Top Coat 10ml
1x Slip Solution 45ml
100x Dual Form Moulds
3x Application Brush
1x 100/180 Nail File
1x Dual Application Tool


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I remove the PolyGel?

A: You can easily peel away the PolyGel using the Slip Solution or your usual nail polish remover.

Q: What is the Slip Solution for?

A: The Slip Solution is used to soften the PolyGel and help form the gel on nail mold.

Q: Can I use nail polish on my PolyGel?

A: Yes, you can put any nail polish on your PolyGel.

Q: What's the difference between the top coat and the base coat?

A: The base coat is used to prep your nail and makes it a little bit stickier before putting PolyGel. Also, it helps strengthen your original nail.

The top coat is a finisher. It makes your PolyGel glossier and strengthen it as well.




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