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Fabulous Pore Vacuum™

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  • Sucks out blackheads clogged in your pores
  • Gets rid of oils, whitehead, blackheads, and dead skin
  • Increase blood circulation for a brighter skin
  • Improve dry, sagging skin and wrinkles and makes your face looks younger
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Your New Morning Routine to a Confident Skin


You want to be at your best for that life-changing interview, or this new date and you can't let that blackhead ruins your confidence


Get Rid of Acne in 5 min

Blackheads are your greatest enemy. They look dirty and oily and are also very painful to remove. Throw your blackhead pin in the trash. This old technique damages your skin and leaves the blackhead's root in place.



Clogged pores and blackheads can be managed at home, without scarring from picking and popping with your fingers. 


1 or 2 weekly use for only 5 minutes with the Fabulous Pore Vacuum™ will be enough to not only see but feel the difference

How Does It Work?

Your pores are getting filled by oils, dirt and dead skin cells everyday.
Oils and debris build up inside your pore, enlarge them and cause blackheads or whiteheads.

When your pores get inflamed, they cause pimples or acne.

Touching and picking at blackhead increase irritation and might even spread infection deeper into your skin.



The Fabulous Pore Vacuum prevent breakouts by gently exfoliating your skin and effectively sucking out impurities and excess oils stuck in your pores in a clean and healthy way.

You'll see noticeable results after first.


Within 1 to 2 weeks, your blackheads will begin to vanish due to an overall cleaner, healthier skin.


How to Get the Best Results



1. Start by opening your pore with a hot shower, using a hot steamer or by placing a hot towel on your face for 3-5 minutes.

2. Choose a suitable head and press the power button (hold for 3 seconds). Always start with the lowest intensity first. Move the vacuum back and forth around the pores. Do not stay in the same place over 3 seconds to avoid skin bruising.

3. Finish with a cold towel or mask to close your pores.

4. Optional: apply a toner afterward to further shrink pores and apply your favorite moisturizer.


    Your Fabulous Pore Vacuum™ comes with 3 replaceable beauty heads: 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What results can I expect?

    A: Your body creates 40'000 dead skin cells per day, and these dead cells end up in your hair follicles and pores! They hide in your face pores and especially on the surface of your nose, this is where you will see the most results. We recommend targeting the areas that are most greasy: the corner of your nose for instance. You will see results immediately after use, and feel extremely fresh instantly. Within 1 to 2 weeks of use, your blackheads will begin to disappear due to an overall cleaner, healthier skin.

    Q: Will it bruise my face?
    A: No, our blackhead remover is safe and painless. We recommend to always use the weakest suction intensity first, and not suction any spot longer than three seconds.

    Q: Will it work for my skin?
    A: Yes, our device is suitable for any age and skin type.

    Q: Is it easy to clean?
    A: Yes, simply rinse the beauty heads with hot soapy water.

    Q: Can multiple people use it?
    A: No. Even though the Fabulous Pore Vacuum comes with multiples washable beauty heads, we don't recommend sharing them to prevent prevent bacterial infection.

    Q: How do I change the suction mode?
    A: Simply press the button, and the light indicator will show you which level it is set to.

    Q: Is it rechargeable?
    A: Yes, you can charge it easily with the included USB cable.  

    Your Package Includes

    Your package includes:
    Fabulous Pore Vacuum™
    1x Small Head
    1x Oval Head
    1x Big Circular Head
    1x USB Charger
    1x User Manual




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